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Details of your incompetence do not interest me.

I would like to formally lodge a complaint of incompetence against your company. Today, when checking on order 2235426, which was placed on July 18th, 2013. I was notified by Angie R, in reimbursements that the order was placed on hold since Medicare would not allow me to obtain the upgrade until 8/15/2013. I was not notified of this. I am about to begin school and need my upgrade. The left ear is not working properly at all. I understand that Medicare has rules, but there should be some kind of procedure set in place to let customers know if any changes have been made to their order.
In addition to this order the last time I got the upgrade for my right ear, it took a long time to get the customer service department to communicate with the reimbursements to finally receive my order in the mail. I need to know when I am getting the upgrade so I can make an appointment with my audiologist, because obviously there is no way for you all to put the mappings on the processor, even though my audiologist says she can send the mappings to you.
After I received my upgrade, earlier this year I was sent a bill for thousands of dollars, I was approved for a hardship as I cannot afford the 20% that Medicare will not pay. I had to let the lady in charge of accounts receivable know the entire story. She was the only one nice enough to understand and truly care. I cannot remember her name.
There are so many ways you can improve the quality of service you provide. There seems to be absolutely no communication between departments and customers. I understand insurance companies are difficult, but would it not benefit your corporation to have better standards in place? Sure, I like hearing but that is no excuse for your incompetence.
Thank you.
Dustin W. Larson

So it’s been a couple weeks now stopped smoking with the Nicotrol Inhaler. There are several positive effects I have noticed. The most obvious is the bank account have saved so much money already! About $70.00 a week so far. One other thing I have noticed was I am less anxious. So I guess it is true smoking raises your blood pressure! So that is wonderful. Asthma is almost nonexistent. My teeth are whiter too! I love my teeth anyways, but for them to be whiter is amazing! So yea. Not smoking is great!

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